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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bogota, Colombia

01/06/2014 - 02/06/2014

Day 1

Having taken a stupidly early flight it meant that we had no sleep. We boarded the Avianca plane to Bogota at 5am and drifting in and out of consciousness until breakfast arrived. After two and a bit hours we landed in Colombia! I immediately had problems with my Halifax Clarity credit card and no money came out. Dylan had enough so we jumped in a taxi towards The Cranky Croc. We were greeted by Callan (once again) and his friend Pete from back home who had flown in that morning too. The hostel is really nice with the best showers we've seen.

After dropping our bags off we decided to be cheap winos in the park. We gathered boxed wine and 7Up. It tasted like prune juice. We sat down on a wall and could smell poo. We assumed it was drains but Pete spotted about 7 dog turds behind Callan. We were then approached by a young lad with a plastic cup. I asked him how old he was but before that, Dylan poored him a nice glass of spritzer. It turned out he was 14. Brilliant start. We then wandered around and caught a cab to the bus station to book our bus to Medellin in the north. I also had to call Halifax (again) to make sure I wasn't charged. After 32 minutes I still didn't get through. Pissed off I got a receipt and they can pay for the call when I get back to the UK. Once we returned we crashed for 3 hours. We then got some beers but the hostel and everywhere else was pretty dead. We went to bed at 12:30 in hope of a better second day. Bogota seemed nice and safe on the surface but there are many dodgy people about, even in the nice area where we were staying. 

Day 2

Today we woke up at around 10am, showered and had scrambled eggs for breakfast. We wanted to go to the Police Museum where there were lots of confiscated drugs and weapons but it was closed because of the bank holiday weekend. We then walked around La Candelaria and I picked up a "genuine" Colombian football shirt for about £3.50.
Still, it looks good! Once we had looked around some random market stalls, we headed for the cable cars up to the church and lookout point over the city. For 16,000 pesos (£5.50) we got a return up. The views were incredible. At 3150m up you could see just how massive Bogota is. It stretched further than the horizon. The boys ate chorizo, potato, banana + cheese, and corn on the cob. I opted out. Dylan currently regrets it. Once we descended, we ran into a mob of "gangsters" who looked like they had just been deported from Compton, LA. We asked between us what was going on and a Colombian girl answered " was a hip hop concert. You shouldn't be here, it's not safe". Welcome to Bogota. Police were everywhere so it was fine. We had coffee, then went back to the hostel to play Uno and wait out our time there before we had to leave for our bus to Medellin - hopefully a better all-round place!

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