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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Grenada, Nicaragua


The team and I turned up in Grenada at around 3pm today. We had to take the ferry back across the lake where we picked up a chicken bus (an old US school bus) for $1. At the moment we're travelling as a 9, which is a bit too big. Half are slow and the other half aren't. Once checked into Hostel Oasis, Steve and I went to eat a hotdog before comparing prices for a massage. It turned out that the cheapest was $20 each at Coco Berry. 

Grenada itself is a really nice Spanish colonial city based at the top of Lake Nicaragua. It also has 5 prominent churches that run through the middle of the city. 

Steve and I then went to have a massage but as we went to go in, it was closed. We'll go back tomorrow. Post-shower we headed to a sushi restaurant, Kanpai, just down the road. Everyone is pretty dead from last night and the hostel basically shuts down at 11pm so we all went to bed.


We got up, had breakfast and then 6 of us went to get massages. Other than Steve and I, the others were being stingey and paid $5 less and went to have a blind massage. We opted for a much better option and went back to Coco Berry's. It was epic and probably the best one I've ever had. 

Following this we strolled round the different churches, took pictures and walked down to the water front where it was possible to see Ometepe. At 5pm we went to La Merced (one of the churches) to climb up and take pictures of the city from the roof. After this we headed back to the hostel to drink with everyone else before going out. 

Next stop, Leon. 

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