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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua


Having woken up feeling like death from the day/night before, Andrew and I met up with Steve to move onto Ometepe Island. The island is in itself extraordinary. It features two volcanoes in the middle of a massive lake. In order to get there we took a $1 bus to Rivas then a taxi to San Jorge where we'd then catch a boat across, which cost less than 70p (35 Cordobas) for a two hour crossing. The boat was dodgy to say the least as they required a guy to keep pumping water out of the hull by hand! 

At this point we had joined up with another bunch of guys so all shared a taxi to Little Morgans. Here we met up with Sush and her crew. I would say we stuck together as a large group but we kept to our own groups. The hostel however is really good, which has a good vibe going on too. It's based at the lakeside and they have 4 dogs including a 4-week old pup, and a pig!

We then watched the football, had some delicious chicken skewers and beers. I must admit the food, although not necessarily Nicaraguan, had been very very good (so far!). The island itself hasn't really got much going on as the main activity other than drinking is climbing the two volcanoes. Having barely slept last night I went to bed just after Andrew at 10pm.


I was scheduled to climb the volcano today, which is something I have wanted to do since I began researching the trip. However, last night I moved out of the way to let a dog pass and chipped the skin off the back of my foot. Obviously this would have rubbed the whole time I was walking so decided to skip it. It seems to be happening like that at the moment! Nonethess, cloud cover and wind basically ruined the trip for those who did go up. I just took pictures from the restaurant!

Steve and I got up late, had breakfast and watched the final England game, which was poor to say the least. As the hostel didn't have Internet we walked to a nearby restaurant and watched the Colombian game. 

Phil (Canada) and I then walked back and started drinking at the hostel at about 4:30 as it was all-you-can-drink rum punch for $12 (£7)! The group was really decent here and lucklily we're all going to Grenada together tomorrow.

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