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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Monteverde, Costa Rica


After a really long drive from Montezuma, Sush and I arrived in the Monteverde, which is in the north of the country. We paid $55 through Montezuma Expeditions to get there and it was a total rip-off. We had to get multiple buses and a ferry of which we could have just done it ourselves for a lot cheaper.

We found Andrew and headed to Sleepers Hostel. We got a 4 bed private room with an en-suite bathroom for $9 a night. As we arrived in the afternoon all of the tours were out for the day so we just had a nice relaxing day before doing the night walk in the evening. On the walk I managed to see viper snakes, sloths, tarantulas, kinkajous, porcupines and a variety of different sleeping birds. Although the tour was $20, it was worth seeing some tropical animals in the wild. Most of the photos I took are on my camera so I can't get those photos on here. Following the walk, we headed back to the hostel for an early night.


This morning everyone was up at 6:45 ready to do the zip lines. However my neck is still aching following the cliff diving in Montezuma. As a result, I stayed in bed until 11am, which was needed! It's amazing how the tiredness catches up on you if the previous nights sleep isn't good. Costa Rica also won their second World Cup group game so the town was very busy!

Once the others returned, we headed to the Santa Elena cloud forest, which the area is famous for. This was basically a humid and wet version of a forest back home. The walk itself was pleasant as we only walked for 2 hours and covered 4.5km before returning back to the get the bus back into town. 

Once we had finished the walk, it was nearly 4pm so we went and had a coffee before dinner. We've definitely found Costa Rica to be way more expensive than is necessary. I think the main reason is the amount of Americans that go so prices are pushed artificially high. Considering the average monthly wage is only $400, the country should be dirt cheap. 

Tomorrow it's time to leave Costa Rica and head to Nicaragua. Due to the immigration office giving me only 7 days in Costa Rica, I've been forced to leave earlier than expected. That now means I can go to San Juan del Sur, which is just the other side of the border.

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