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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Lima, Peru


After leaving the warm desert via tuc-tuc, we've turned up in dark, drizzly Lima. The bus journey was one of the shortest so far (4 hours) but felt like the longest as no sleep was involved. We arrived at 7pm so already dark. The prices of taxis were well over what we were told so moved away from the bus station and got one for 10 soles to Loki. They had no space so had to move to a different hostel, Hitchhikers, just around the corner. We got a double room for 35 soles (£7) a night each. We ended up changing, eating and heading back to Loki, which was a bit of a flop. Back by 12:30.


After a nice lay-in, we got up and went to have lunch. Today we're going to an actual sushi restaurant just up the road, Edu, which was unbelievably decent. Although 111 soles between 2 of us, and by far the most expensive meal yet, it was only £10 each. We went for a set menu thing, which came with sashimi, rolls, fried veg etc. 

We then went off to walk around Lima, well Miraflores, to see if there is much about. It turns out there isn't. The shopping centre was pretty good but the rest is just overcast and plain. It looks almost like Spain with the warmth and tall oceanfront buildings. 

We went back to the hostel after a few hours wondering around and drank some beers (15 cans of Brahma for £3!) with others at the hostel. We actually cooked at the hostel too - hamburgers! (shock). Not a massive night as we wanted to save some cash and chill out. 


Today we've ended up just circling the city again. I bought two ties from Brooks Brothers and Dylan got a jumper and t-shirt. It's been a slow day as we're now just waiting to go to Colombia in the morning. We walked down to the "beach" too, which wasn't overally thrilling. We made some salami and Stilton sandwiches for dinner; cheap and cheerful. As you can probably tell, Lima has been bland and boring but it's been nice to rest a bit prior to flying again. Our taxi is booked for 10pm so we can sleep a bit at the airport before our flight at 5am. Next stop, Bogota.

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