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Monday, 4 August 2014

Tulum, Mexico


Another early start today. Due to lacking a phone, I had to get Simone to the wake me up. We waddled with our bags to the port where we were placed on to the speed boat to get to customs on San Pedro. We checked out and made our way to Cheutmal, on the border of Mexico. We grabbed some food and then caught a really cheap cab to the ADO bus station. From here we connected using a bus to get to Tulum, 4 hours away. I was never planning on coming to Tulum but due to 2 excess days I decided to see more of Mexico than just Cancun!

When we arrived we hitched a cab to the hostel I had been informed about: Bike Tulum. It was ok but mainly because of the free bikes. The rest was sub-par. As we had arrived at 5pm we just ate dinner before taking Nina to the local hospital as she thought she had had Dengue Fever in the days prior. It turns out she did. We bought some cheap Corona's (50p) and went back to the hostel for a quiet one as the hostel was exactly very sociable and if it wasn't for the girls, it would have been dire. 


Today we got up, had the free breakfast and headed to the Grand Cenote. The cenotes are basically massive sink holes filled with fresh water. We paid, entered and swam in the cold yet refreshing water for an hour or so. We hired a snorkel but even then, you needed to scuba dive to really see stuff. 

We then went to the beach and spent the afternoon relaxing there, again with a beautiful turquoise shoreline! I had tacos for dinner that were delicious as everything in Mexico seems to come with guacamole and salsa - perfect. We bought some more Corona's and headed back for another early and quiet night mainly because there wasn't anything to do!

Tomorrow is my final stop, Cancun!

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