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Monday, 4 August 2014

Caye Caulker, Belize


This morning I was up incredibly early - 4:30am - to catch the 5am bus to Belize City. I paid 120 quetzals to get there as I wanted the AC'd bus with a proper seat! I joined up with Gareth and Kush, who I had met in Semuc. Gaz managed to have his phone stolen on the bus at border control, which set the precedent for the next 24 hours. 

We arrived in Belize City at just gone 10am causing us to miss the 10am ferry across to Caye Caulker. I needed cash and found that Halifax had once again stopped my card. It's a good job I'm travelling with people as I can borrow money from them! The first 3 people we met in Belize offered us drugs. It seems Belize City is living up to its reputation. We had lunch and waited for the next ferry. 

We landed on the island an hour after departing the mainland and all I could call it is natural beauty. Although the island doesn't have an actual beach (the offshore reef prevents wave activity), the surrounding water is perfectly turquoise, just how you would imagine the Caribbean. 

After I had sorted my cash flow problem out, I met up with the boys at the Split at the northern part of the island. We had some beers and laid in the sun for the rest of the afternoon. We then cooked up a big curry, whilst Gary made up a massive jug of rum punch. We went to the reggae bar but I bailed at 12:30ish as I couldn't really be bothered with more drinking as my ribs were giving me grief.


I woke up this morning to find the local guy in the bed just down from me had gone and so had my phone that had been resting next to me. Travellers don't generally rob each other mainly because of karma but this guy was known to be dodgy and the hostel still let him in. The staff at Bellas didn't really help and neither did the Police. As soon as they knew I needed a Crime Reference Number for insurance purposes, they didn't want to know. Typical. 

After I barred the phone and SIM, we took out one of the free canoes we could use and went around the island. This turned out to be way more difficult than we bargained for as the current was against us the whole way. Still it was nice to do something different.

We spent the afternoon at the Split again. The boys that I was with were already set in their own little group and this was made more apparent when the girls they knew came that evening, turning me into an outsider. I guess it shows more about them than anything else.

I didn't really have a big night tonight but did manage to meet a bunch of other people. 


Today is the final of the World Cup! We had breakfast then went to the sports bar to watch the game. The day was particularly lazy as not a lot really happened. Simone and Nina (who I had met in Semuc) had also caught up with me so I would now carry on with them all the way to Cancun. 

We also booked our Raggamuffin boat tour, which we'll do tomorrow. 


We woke up at 8am, had scrambled eggs on toast and all walked down to the Raggamuffin office of the shore to get our fins and masks sized up prior to the day of snorkelling. We then boarded out sailing boat and headed off for a good hour or so. The day consisted of 3 snorkelling stops, which included the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and amazing Shark Ray Alley. 

We were allowed to swim with many nurse sharks (it was my first time swimming with wild sharks) and huge manta rays in Shark Ray Alley. When I say many I mean so many they are everywhere. You could easily get creeped out by it. Hol Chan was much more relaxed as I got to swim with turtles for the first time, which is just such a speechless and effortless site to witness. 

The day trip included fish curry, prawn ceviche and basically unlimited rum punch for the journey back. Imagine that just sailing along with perfect weather and a group of friends listening to UB40. Very good times. 

Tomorrow I'm off to Tulum in Mexico.

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