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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Copan Ruinas, Honduras


Having left Utila on the morning ferry at 6:20 we (Ofir and I) are now heading to Copan Ruinas, or the Copan Ruins in English. This is basically a connection to get into Guatemala easier.

Today's journey ended up taking forever as we had to wait until 10:30 in La Ceibe for a bus to San Pedro Sula where we would change bus to get to Copan. For some reason it ended up costing a lot too, $38, which for this part of the world is odd. Anyway, there wasn't much we could do so endured it. You could tell San Pedro was dodgy as the Hedman Alas bus station shuts the gates immediately after the bus enters and there is a load of supposedly army guys with massive rifles hanging around.

At 6:30pm we arrived but we were joined by a really nice couple from Montreal, John-Sebastian and BĂ©atrice. We tried to get a room at the hostel I had pre-planned but they had no room. We then tried Via Via, they had no room. So Ofir and I found a dorm a little further out of town. By the time we had booked our onward shuttle to Antigua in Guatemala and settled in it was past 8pm. We then met back up with the Canadians for dinner at Via Via. We went for a local special that was greatly needed. We had wraps, rice, beef, beans, vegetables, salsa, avocado and feta cheese. By the time we finished it was 10pm so we went to bed as we knew that tomorrow would be another long day. 


This morning we woke up at 7am as we needed to see the ruins before our $20 shuttle at 12. We showered then went for a quick cheap breakfast in town. A short 15 minute walk led us to the ruins.

Although we had to pay $15 to get in, it was actually pretty good. Unlike Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the site was much smaller so it meant we could look round it all without getting bored. The Copan Ruins are Mayan so it's nice to see a different side of Latin American heritage other than the Inca's and Tica's. We spent roughly two hours here and it was a surprisingly well-kept place. They also a bunch of macaws flying around and eating from various troughs.

After exploring and taking many pictures we headed back into town to get coffee and some snacks for the 6 hour journey. From Copan it's only 30 minutes to the border. We paid $3 to get out of Honduras and 10 Quetzals to enter Guatemala.

See you shortly Antigua. 

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